The village of Pomos is situated approximately 60 kilometers northeast of the city of Paphos, within the geographical region of Tillyria.

Nestled next to the sea, Pomos sits at a moderate altitude of 10 meters. However, just over two and a half kilometers southeast of the village, the altitude rises to 600 meters, known locally as Hill Top. Additionally, about 5 kilometers southeast of Pomos, near its administrative boundaries, Lorovounos can be found at an altitude of 670 meters.

Pomos experiences a moderate annual rainfall averaging around 440 millimeters, supporting the cultivation of various crops such as citrus fruits, bananas, almond trees, avocados, walnut trees, olive trees, a few vegetables, and pistachio nuts. The region also contains numerous uncultivated areas covered by natural vegetation, including pines and thyme. The southern side of the village falls within the government-owned forest of Paphos.

In terms of transportation, Pomos is situated along the coastal road of Polis-Xeros. This road connects Pomos to the neighboring village of Pachiammos (5 km) to the northeast, and the village of New Dimmata (5 km) to the southwest, which in turn connects to Polis (20 km). Located 2 kilometers north of the village is the Cape of Pomos, named after the village itself. The route from Polis to Pomos, renowned for its picturesque scenery, is considered one of the most scenic drives in Cyprus.

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